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Home Car First Aid Kit Camping Essentials 263pcs Waterproof Zippers is Ideal for Travel, Office, Boat, Sports, Businesses, Hiking, Emergency Survival

Home Car First Aid Kit Camping Essentials 263pcs Waterproof Zippers is Ideal for Travel, Office, Boat, Sports, Businesses, Hiking, Emergency Survival

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Guard Health at Critical Moments

Pumier first aid kit or medical kit is a collection of supplies and equipment used to give immediate medical treatment, primarily to treat injuries and other mild or moderate medical conditions.

  • Health protection
  • Quick emergency
  • Complete configuration
  • Waterproof
  • Moderate size
  • Easy to carry

Pumier First Aid Kit for Home College Dorm Office Car Boat Outdoors

Make it possible for ordinary people

First-aid kits are nothing new. They go back over 100 years to when.

First-aid kits have changed over the years, but they are as useful as ever. They make it possible for ordinary people to be the help until professional help arrives. You don’t need a special certification to provide first aid, but you do need the right supplies and education.

  • Professional grade medical & safety supplies
  •  Help care for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, trauma, burns and other multi-use items for most potential emergency.

Pumier First Aid Kit Included ?


20x Adhesive Bandages 3"x 1" (Fabric) , 40x Adhesive Bandages 3"x 1" (PE) , 25x Adhesive Bandages 3"x 3/4" (PE) , 10x Adhesive Bandages 2"x 2/5"(Kids) , 20x Spot Adhesive Bandages , 20x Finger Adhesive Bandages, 5x Knuckle Adhesive Bandages , 2x Knee/Elbow Adhesive Dressing 2.5"x4" , 2x Knee/Elbow Adhesive Dressing 2.5"x3" , 1x Triangular Bandages.


12x Alcohol Prep Wipe , 10x Povidone Lodine Wipe, 8x Sting Relief Pad , 2x Cleaning Wipe Pad , 2x Sope Wipes , 1x Burn Gel Packet , 30x Cotton Tippped Applicators , 2x Antiseptic Towelette (0.9% Nacl) , 2x Sterile Gauze Pads 2"x 2" , 8x Sterile Gauze Pads 3"x 3" , 1x Conforming Gauze Roll 2" , 1x Conforming Gauze Roll 3", 1x First Aid Tape


2x Disposable PVC Gloves , 1x Instant Cold Pack , 2x Fever Cooling Patch , 2x Tongue Depressor , 1x TPE Tourniquet , 10x Safety Pins , 1x Metal Tweezers , 1x Metal Scissors, 1x Glow Stick , 1x Whistle , 14x Moleskin, x First Aid Manual

home first aid kit

Incredible Build Quality

waterproof first aid kit

waterproof first aid kit

Wall Mountable

Mount your Pumier First Aid kit to any flat surface for visibility and easy access.

Waterproof Zipper

If left this first aid kit in moderate rain, the contents it wouldn't get soaked.

High Quality Zipper Head

The pull in is smooth and effortless. Beautiful and durable.

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦【GREAT FOR HOME FAMILY USING 】- Everything you need is in this kit ! All kinds of Bandages (XS, S, M, L), Iodine prep pads, Burn Geal, Tourniquet, Instant Cold Pack, Fever Cooling Patch, Gloves, Glow Stick, Bandage scissors, Metal tweezers, Whistle, etc. To help care for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, trauma, burns and other most potential emergency. Ideal for baby, kids, children, adult (Men,Women), earthquake preparedness, household, dog, cat, pet.
  • 🛡【SECURITY】- All 263pcs of comprehensive medical emergency kit treatment products are manufactured from the Modern aseptic facility, meets international medical standards, 100% latex free.
  • 🚗【PERFECT FOR CAR OR CAMPING】- 8" x 5" x 3" compact size, 1.21lbs lightweight. EVA mold case that is shockproof and not easily deformed. It’s easy to carry that fits anywhere in your car, RV, atv, yacht, boat, jeep, bike or motorcycle. Ideal for home, workplace, outdoor, travel, boat, camping, hiking and other emergency situations. The PU surface is smooth easy to clean. Premium smooth easy to open double zippers and zipper head added convenience for daily use.
  • 💧【WATERPROOF & DURABLE CASE】 - If left this first aid bag in moderate rain, the contents it wouldn't get soaked. If it fell out of your boat, water also would not be able to get in through the fabric of the zipper.
  • 💕【APPLICATIONS】- Home (also Include trauma, scald, bee sting or blister), Garage, College dorm(Dorm room), Office (Businesses), Car (Vehicle) Truck, Boat(Kayak), Bike, Sports teams, Golf , Hunting, Gun range, Family outing, Travel (Road trip), Fishing, Hiking & Survival, Camping, Backpacking, Emergency essentials preparedness kit and on the go use.
  • 🎁【SPECIAL GIFT TO FAMILIES, FRIENDS, LOVERS, COLLEAGUE, STUDENTS】- It's perfect for would care at home or outdoor. He/She will be happy to have it and say it is extra special knowing that you'd still be taking care of him from afar.
Brand Pumier
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Number of Pieces 263
Color Red
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