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EMP Surge Protection for Cars, EMP Protector box for Trucks, Lightning Protection Device, Vehicle EMP Shielding for Boats, and Motorcycles. Electronics Faraday Shield for EMP Attack or CME Solar Flare

EMP Surge Protection for Cars, EMP Protector box for Trucks, Lightning Protection Device, Vehicle EMP Shielding for Boats, and Motorcycles. Electronics Faraday Shield for EMP Attack or CME Solar Flare

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EMP Protection device, emp filter, emp shield, CME solar flare protector, easy to install

EMP Protector for cars. Modern vehicles are open to strong electrical interference causing expensive repair

In the cases of EMP, CME, ESD, lightning strike, and extreme Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Killswitch offers the best solution for your protection and continued operation without damage and the high cost of repair. Protecting automotive electronics includes challenging feats of eliminating these transient surges that can damage the control units, information and entertainment electronics, multiple electronic sensors, fuel injectors, valves, motors, ignition systems, navigation, powertrains and hydraulic controllers, and etc. The automotive environment is the source of many electrical hazards. These hazards, such as electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharges and other electrical disturbances are generated by various accessories like ignition, relay contacts, alternator, injectors, SMPS (i.e. HID front lights) and other accessories. These hazards can occur directly in the wiring harness in case of conducted hazards or be applied indirectly to the electronic modules by radiation. These generated hazards can impact the electronics in two ways: either on the data lines or on the supply rail wires, depending on the environment. These hazards occur directly in the cable harness. They are generated by inductive loads like electro-valves, solenoids, alternators, etc. These hazards are generated by high current switching like relay contact, high current MOS or IGBT switches, ignition systems, etc. The electromagnetic field generated by these circuits directly affects lines or modules near the source of the electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation creates such hazards as electromagnetic interference in electronic modules. Source of disturbances Equipment needing protection ECU, Alternator, and Battery.

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Get an EMP Protector for your car and shield from EMP Surges

PROTECT YOUR RIDE! – Killswitch Automation is a leading provider of solutions to protect sensitive automobile electronics from the damaging effects of electromagnetic pulses (EMP). Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding and mitigating the risks associated with EMPs, particularly those generated by high altitude nuclear bombs. By investing in Killswitch Automation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your automobile's electronics are protected against EMPs.

In the last decade, Automobiles have become super complex; so have their electronics; AND thus, so has the ability to be open for damage to these electronics. Killswitch specializes upon Cars and Trucks with the same advance technology required to prevent damage to your sensitive electronic modules which will disable your car and cost thousands of dollars to replace (if you can find the parts)

The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Phenomenon: The need for EMP Shielding with a Killswitch EMP Protector

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Lightning strike surge protector, safeguard you car from strike, defend from EMP, defend from CME

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The Generation of the Event when a High Altitude Nuclear bomb explodes to disrupt our atmosphere.

EMP refers to a burst of electromagnetic radiation that can disrupt, damage, or destroy electronic devices and systems. The EMP phenomenon occurs in three distinct phases: E1, E2, and E3. Unprotected or poorly shielded devices are most vulnerable to EMP effects, experiencing anything from temporary malfunctions to permanent damage. EMP can also impact vehicles, especially those with extensive electronic systems. Modern automobiles heavily rely on electronic components for various functions, including engine control, braking systems, and entertainment systems. An EMP event can disrupt these systems, potentially rendering the vehicle non-functional.

EMP Phase E1 only nanoseconds long caused by a High Altitude Nuclear Fission Bomb.

The E1 phase is the initial and fastest component, lasting only a few nanoseconds. It is characterized by a high-frequency pulse of Gamma radiation that can induce strong currents in conductive materials, overwhelming the sensitive electronic components and leading to their malfunction or destruction. The upper atmosphere allows coherent gyration of Compton-scattered electrons in the Earth's magnetic field and turns the atmosphere into a giant antenna. This pulse is too fast for ordinary Lightning Surge Protectors. In order to meet the speed to kill the treat all EMP protectors must meet AEC-Q101 standards as Killswitch does.

EMP Phase E2 milli-seconds long Similar to Lightning Strike or Electrostatic Discharge

Following the E1 phase is the E2 phase, which lasts for hundreds of microseconds. This phase is caused by the interaction of the nuclear detonation with the Earth's magnetic field, resulting in a slower and more gradual pulse. While the E2 phase is less destructive than the E1 phase, it can still cause significant damage to electronics and electrical infrastructure. This is the least destructive phase as it resembles that of ordinary lightning strikes or transients. Typical surge protectors or power strips can manage these. This pulse damages devices disconnected from power lines such as battery powered electronics

EMP Phase E3 lasting for seconds or even minutes. Similar to CME solar flare

The E3 phase is the longest-lasting component, lasting from milliseconds to minutes. It is caused by the interaction of the nuclear detonation with the Earth's ionosphere, resulting in a pulse with a lower frequency. The E3 phase can induce powerful currents in long conductors, such as power lines, leading to widespread damage to the electrical grid and other critical infrastructure. This is highly destructive and actually burns wiring and damages transformer and motor windings due to the prolonged increased voltages. Most E3 pulses do not affect cars, unless they are plugged into a charging station connected to the electrical grid.

Specifications for Killswitch 12-Volt DC EMP Surge Protector Device

Voltage 12 Volts DC (Automobile Battery 13.7V) Any voltage above 19 Volts will be absorbed instantly, protecting the electronics.
Response AEC-Q101 Standard. Killswitch will activate within nanoseconds with LittelFuse TVS and General Electric MOV Technology.
Enclosure The Enclosure is IP66 rated. Rugged and Waterproof. The ABS Case is rated by UL labs by the manufacturer.
Terminals Brass Ring terminals with 5/16" diameter holes for mounting on most batteries. Brass will resist battery acid (better than competition) Plus wiring is totally enveloped with PVC insulation that also resists corrosion. Easily modified to fit any configuration
Wiring Wires are 16AWG and are 23-inches long. Shorter wiring is much more effective
Indicator LED draws 2 milliamps from Auto Battery when ON. Blinking rather than solid-on indication. Saves over half the energy.
Cable Spec Copper Stranded #16AWG, Ultra-thick PVC insulated conductors, resists gasoline, oil, water, chemicals and sunlight breakdown

EMPs are catastrophic: Read about our US Military "Starfish Prime" EMP Test.

The Starfish Prime test is widely regarded as one of the most significant events in the history of military testing and its impact on the understanding of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) phenomenon. Conducted by the United States in July 1962, during the height of the Cold War, this high-altitude nuclear test had far-reaching consequences that are still studied and analyzed to this day. The purpose of the Starfish Prime test was to evaluate the effects of a nuclear explosion on the Earth's magnetosphere and the potential use of EMP as a weapon. A 1.4 megaton atomic bomb was detonated at an altitude of 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean near the Johnston Atoll. The resulting explosion created a mesmerizing light show visible from hundreds of kilometers away. However, the impact of the Starfish Prime test was not just limited to its visual spectacle. The detonation generated an intense electromagnetic pulse that affected a vast area, reaching as far as Hawaii, over 900 miles away to the east. This unexpected effect brought to light the devastating potential of EMPs on electronics and electrical systems. In the aftermath of the test, a wide range of electrical disruptions occurred, including damaged streetlights, communication failures, and even a small number of satellites being rendered inoperable.

These findings led to a significant shift in military strategy and the development of countermeasures to protect critical infrastructure from the destructive effects of EMPs. Moreover, the Starfish Prime test served as a wake-up call for governments worldwide, highlighting the vulnerability of modern society to EMP events. It spurred further research and led to the establishment of various organizations dedicated to studying the impact of EMPs, conducting simulations, and developing protective measures. Today, the lessons learned from the Starfish Prime test continue to shape our understanding of EMPs and their potential consequences. It underscores the need for ongoing research, preparedness, and investment in safeguarding our electronic infrastructure against this unique and potentially catastrophic threat. The Starfish Prime test remains a pivotal moment in the history of military testing and serves as a constant reminder of the delicate balance between technological advancements and the need for protection in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Compare Brass Ring Terminals to Other Manufacturers of EMP Protection for Cars

Watertight Fuse Box for EMP Protector for cars by Killswitch Automation

Blinking LED Light Saves Energy

Compact Design - Mount it anywhere

Brass Ring Terminals resists Acid Corrosion

Killswitch offers BRASS terminals to attach to your car's battery. Brass will resist any Acid corrosion coming from the battery. The worst thing to have happen is that these wires dissolve and fall off. Also, the cable to terminal connection is TOTALLY sealed from any water/acid exposure. Other manufacturers have exposed copper wires and substandard open crimps with tin-plated connectors which is easy target for acid, water, and weather elements.

Fuse Compartment is Watertight

Killswitch places a Safety Fuse on every item we manufacture. It is important to know anything attached to a 12VDC car battery must have a fuse in the circuit. If no fuse is present, extreme high currents could cause wires to burn and start fire. Adding an un-fused device may void most automobile warranties. We want you safe and protected and our fuses are located in Watertight Compartments and not open to weather conditions that would cause it to fail.

Blinking LED Light - Saves Energy

For the cause of saving energy, Killswitch has improved our devices with a RED LED Blinking indicator to show our device is functioning correctly. Our LED indicators consume 1/2 power from the car's battery only when the LED is illuminated in the on position. Blink frequency is about one-second rate. Another overlooked feature is that the Blinking LED is much easier to observe on a very bright day because the ON/OFF transitions are very apparent.

  • An EMP surge protection device specifically designed to protect vehicles from EMP attacks, CME solar flares, and Lightning Strikes. Easy install in 10 minutes.
  • Each unit passes multiple Military-Specifications voltage trip tests. Compliant with AEC-Q101 8/20 uSec standards. IP66 Rugged, Waterproof, UL-Rated enclosure.
  • BRASS RING lugs to resist battery acid corrosion. The 10-Amp Safety Fuse is in a water-proof compartment. Will NOT void your vehicle manufacturers warranty.
  • Killswitch protects from EMPs by holding battery voltages within safe limits (0-18 Volts). The EMP surge protector box can withstand 150,000 amps during the microsecond hit and take multiple hits too. Our unit is suitable for Tesla, EV, and Hybrid Vehicles.
  • Ten-year limited warranty for materials and workmanship. If your unit should become inactive or defective, send it in and we will replace it for $50 plus cost of shipping. We want you confidently happy! -- Call us at (864) 335-8094 with your questions and ask for Allen.
AC Adapter Current 10 Amps
Brand KillSwitcH
Voltage 13.7 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.5 x 2 x 1 inches
Material Brass
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EMP Surge Protection for Cars, EMP Protector box for Trucks, Lightning Protection Device, Vehicle EMP Shielding for Boats, and Motorcycles. Electronics Faraday Shield for EMP Attack or CME Solar Flare
EMP Surge Protection for Cars, EMP Protector box for Trucks, Lightning Protection Device, Vehicle EMP Shielding for Boats, and Motorcycles. Electronics Faraday Shield for EMP Attack or CME Solar Flare
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