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ECOTEK Outdoors Insulated Hybern8 4 Season Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Contoured FlexCell Design - Easy, Comfortable, Light, Durable, Hammock Approved - Sub Zero Temp Rating

ECOTEK Outdoors Insulated Hybern8 4 Season Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Contoured FlexCell Design - Easy, Comfortable, Light, Durable, Hammock Approved - Sub Zero Temp Rating

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Paying attention to the details can make a difference between a good night's sleep and waking up on the wrong side of the tent. Don't skimp on quality by picking a sleeping pad without doing your homework. Whether you're a back sleeper or a side sleeper, The Hybern8 Insulated is engineered to keep you warm in a tent or hanging in a hammock. We've got your back, on and off the trail!

Patent pending FlexCell design works in combination with insulated core for maximized heat retention.

EcoTek Outdoors Hybern8 Insulated Sleeping Pad Mat

The Hybern8 Insulated Sleeping Pad has a self-expanding layer of lightweight synthetic insulation that has been scientifically engineered to trap air and reduce thermal conduction and radiative heat loss.

What does all that mean? A more comfortable night's rest through all 4 seasons, whether it's summer in the Sierras or winter in the White Mountains.


Quality you can trust and easy to use. Unique patent-pending technology to increase insulation and comfort.


innovative patented rapid inflation deflation valve design


Premium 75D Polyester

Many sleeping pads on the market are made from nylon plastic. While they might look ok in pictures, what you often end up with is more reminiscent of a thin pool float than a piece of high-quality outdoor gear.

The Hybern8 Ultralight Sleeping Pad is made of a woven polyester blend with some pretty awesome features:

  • quiet
  • durable
  • slip resistant
  • weather resistant
  • soft, comfortable texture

Innovative valve design makes inflation and deflation a breeze!

The easy-to-use one-way valve makes inflation and deflation simple and fast, allowing you to set up and break camp in as little time as possible without leaving you short of breath.

  • Inflates in less than 10 breaths
  • Rapid deflation in a matter of seconds

Cellular restriction preserves warmth on cold winter nights

One of the main challenges faced by air-core sleeping pads is heat loss through convection (air currents that move throughout the pad). The Hybern8 Ultralight Sleeping Pad integrates patent-pending FlexCell technology that causes the air passages to constrict and the cells to self-isolate as the pad is inflated, reducing airflow and increasing insulation and stability without additional bulk.

The result? A refreshing night's sleep after a long day on the trail - because the last thing you want to be without in the wild is some decent shuteye.

The most versatile sleeping pad on the market.


side sleeping pad bag tent ground mattress comfort


Great for hanging out!

Effortlessly contours to keep you comfy and prevent ambient temperatures from stealing valuable body heat

Place it under your sleeping bag

Isolated cell structure provides loft enhancing compartments for your sleeping bag insulation to increase warmth

For extra cold nights, place it inside your sleeping bag

Slightly tapered shape so you can use it inside your bag

Insulated Air Pad Link Stack Join Wide Ultralight Comfort Sleep Pad ECOTEK
Hybern8 Insulated Ultralight Sleeping Pad Hybern8 Original Air Core Sleeping Pad Hybern8 Lynx Sleeping Pad
Weight 24.5 OZ / 695 grams 18 OZ / 510 grams 24.7 OZ / 700 Grams
Packable Size 10in * 4.5in / 25.4cm * 11.4cm 10in * 3in / 25.4cm * 7.6 cm 12in * 4in / 30cm * 10cm
Dimensions 74in * 22in *2.2in/ 188cm * 56cm * 5.6cm 74in * 22in *2.2in/ 188cm * 56cm * 5.6cm 74in * 26in * 2.5in / 188cm * 66cm * 6.4cm
Temperature Rating 10 Degrees Fahrenheit/-10 Degrees Celsius 32 Degrees Fahrenheit/0 Degrees Celsius 32 Degrees Fahrenheit/0 Degrees Celsius
Material 75 D Polyester 75 D Polyester 75 D Polyester
Appx. R-Value 4.5 2.2 2.2
National Forest Foundation Official Corporate Partner Sponsor Tree Planting Program

Buy a Sleeping Pad, Plant a Tree!

Through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation, each Hybern8 sleeping pad purchased will directly fund the planting of one tree to restore US National Forests damaged by wildfire, insects, disease and other impacts.

Kick back, relax, and take pride in knowing that you've helped make a difference! We salute you!

To recognize your honorable support for Mother Nature, a Certificate of Tree Planting is included with every sleeping pad.

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